There is Every Reason To Hire A Female Coach

Female Coaches As Protectors

Sports can bring male and female athletes and coaches together in very intimate ways, and without proper rules and policies adhered to, will often lead to acts that can become harmful. Although many colleges and associations have policies regarding the education and protection of athletes from sexual harassment, very little is actually done when cases come up. Often, when a report comes in, instead of taking action immediately to protect the victim, she is treated like a pariah, and the institution closes up to protect their reputation. A large majority of cases reported are linked to male coaches at every level, from junior tennis, through the highly competitive college and professional version.

Unfortunately, unable to find “concrete evidence” in many cases, those in authority seek and way to relieve the accused perpetrator from his position quietly, thereby allowing him to continue to potentially offend in other institutions.

Female Coaches Can Work With Both Male and Female Players

Many young tennis players, both boys and girls, have only had male coaches throughout much of their growth in the game, and this, coupled with the fact that a large majority of female coaches are found at the formative stages of the game, lends the mistaken belief that female coaches cannot coach at a higher level. It is no wonder that Amelie Mauresmo caused much surprise globally when she successfully coached Andy Murray in 2014. And she is not alone, though few, other female coaches continue to prove their ability to handle both men and women’s teams in academies, high schools, and clubs. It is time to increase the number of female coaches working in both boys and girls’ teams. Female coaches bring different life skills, attitude, outlook and competitiveness to the workforce that is essential to coaching.