Liz developed a stakeholder-involved strategic plan for improvement of our Tennis Section. Her input invaluable and her experience with the running of large and busy tennis academies and the intricate processes involved assisted us in the upgrading and training programs that will ensure that standards of the tennis section improve and attract a larger body of tennis enthusiasts. Liz was able to successfully cut cross a mixed culture of members, who bought into and contributed to the change. We would not hesitate to recommend her services to other sports or country clubs, who wish to build a competitive high quality program.

Sam Mwai General Manager, Karen Country Club

I competed in collegiate tennis in USA and earned a fourth place finish in USTA/ITA Small Colleges National Championship. I was also ranked as one of the top juniors in East and Central Africa in by ITF. Dr. Liz Odera played an important part in my career as my coach and mentor, accepting me in her academy from the slums of Burundi. She made valuable contributions to my tennis game and my attitude to life. As my traveling coach, she helped me gain mental toughness as we competed against the best juniors in the USA and UK. She continues to play a critical role in my success.

Amadi Kagoma Collegiate Tennis Player

I competed in collegiate tennis in the United States, winning an All- Conference Honors in 2012, 2013 and 2015, and reaching the NAIA College Nationals in 2012 and 2015.  In 2013, I was named first team honors, in both Women’s Singles and Doubles by The Great Plains Athletic Conference (GPAC), while playing for Northwestern College Iowa, I have played for the Kenya National Team at the ITF Junior Tournaments a number of times, beginning when I was 9 years old, and representing my country in the 13 and Under, where I was ranked number 3 in East Africa. I have been national high school champion throughout my four years at Malezi High School (2007 – 2010), and Captain for the final two years (2009-2010). Liz Odera served in the critical role as my tennis coach throughout my career and mentored me. She introduced me to tennis when I was only 3 years old, and has been my coach throughout my career.

Teresa Odera Former NAIA Collegiate Tennis Player

Dr. Liz met me while running a free coaching camp at a local tennis club in Uganda, and, a year later, I joined her when I was 8 years old at her academy in Nairobi, Kenya on scholarship, and trained under her until I completed high school in 2014. She made valuable contributions, preparing me for the high level competition, her extensive knowledge saw me earn multiple tennis awards and achievements, including the two-time champion of the Kenya National Junior Open Championships, runner up at the Africa Junior Masters (CAT), and boys singles champion for two years running at the Kenya Secondary Schools Championships. She also ensured international recognition by recommending me to the NJTL Leadership tennis camp in San Francisco in 2011, which was followed by a two-month tennis scholarship to attend the prestigious JTCC at College Park, MD. As a result of all this, I earned a place at the Falcons Men’s Tennis Team, Cerritos College, CA, and on track to transferring following our deserved conference trophy last season.

Henry Ayesiga Collegiate Tennis Player

Over the years I have interacted with Dr. Liz through her selflessness and passion to uplift the kids from the slums, her influence goes far beyond the tennis court, extending into the classroom, relationships, and personal confidence. The values and principles she taught day in and day out have shown me how to be an effective and meaningful member of the community.

Hawi Eliakimo Avid professional photographer

Liz is a pleasure to work with, her pleasant attitude can make nearly any work seem fun and interesting. If a player continuously complained, rather than getting upset, she would continue to point out positives until the person began to enjoy themselves. With her relentless motivation and her knowledge of Tennis. Liz would bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to Tennis Courts wherever she goes.

Geoffrey Nyarangi Africa Nazarene University

14 years ago, Dr. Odera gave me a job as a trainee teacher, having seen my potential in our regional area, Kisumu. Her determination as the Principal as well as the tennis coach helped shape my mind about careers- even changing from accountancy to communications. A decade later I am a communications manager in a sugar industry and a fitness agent at work. I attribute what I am today to Dr. Odera’s influence.                                                                                            

Awino, Linguistics Expert, Kenya Cross Country Runner

I have worked with Liz in the Management Team for the Nairobi Basketball Association, as well as in the planning and running basketball camps and tournaments at Sadili Oval for many years. Liz has excelled in nurturing and mentoring the youth from all shades of life. She leads by example, using sports to emphasize teamwork, respect for rules, opponents and officials, personal responsibility, perseverance and commitment. Kudos. 

Ronnie Owino, National Team Coach and FIBA Coaching instructor

I went through the annual Safari Junior Tennis Camp in 2012 @ Sadili led by Dr. Liz Odera, where she took an interest in me and helped me improve my game a lot. She continued to encourage me for some years after the camp and I started to believe that I could realize my dreams. I am now Uganda No.1 in Under 18s and No. 3 in Seniors. 

Boris Aguma Uganda National Tennis Player

Liz started teaching me when I was six. She instilled in me a great love of tennis the sessions were always fun and I did not mind getting up so early before school for them! I’ve had many coaches in different sports so far in my life but Liz is the standout one for me as she was more than just coach, she is an adult I know I can always go to for wise advice even though I’m no longer in the country for coaching

Ben Stone-wigg UK-KE Tennis Player

“Princi” (as we affectionately call her) has made the greatest impact on me personally, with the education scholarships that saw me complete school and all the amazing tennis tours. This opened my eyes to view the world through a different, vast angle. She’s been everything to me.


Jamin Luvembe National and East Africa High Schools’ Tennis Champion

When Dr. Liz Odera visited Erie, Pennsylvania she worked with players from age 4 all the way to the Mercyhurst University Men’s and Women’s teams. What I found remarkable was how the kids related to her at every level…her instruction on both life and tennis was truly inspirational.

Ed Grode

Liz has always been a massive inspiration for me, not only through tennis, but as a person and all she does for the community. She pushed me hard, but in doing so made the game even more enjoyable and has brought out the best player in me. I hope to one day have someone look up to me as much as I look up to Liz. 

Emily Stone-wigg Tour Team, High School Captain, UK

I first met Dr. Liz Odera in 2007 when I was 10 years old. I was an unruly youth with little discipline and all the vigor of a teenager. She managed to instill in me self-discipline through the tennis program at Sadili. Before long, my mediocre grades and tennis skills improved. Ten years later, I am in my final year at one of the most prestigious university in Africa (The University of Nairobi) studying for my LL.B laws degree. Take it from me: Dr. Liz is an astute academician and exemplary tennis coach!

Oliver Kennedy Mureithi Kagiri University of Nairobi