3 Simple Actions For The Close of 2017

  • eodera
  • December 30, 2017

As we start the countdown to the 1st of 2018, many of us, no matter our current circumstances, are hoping for positive (even miraculous) change. We will be making new year resolutions, but over 78% sadly, will not be sustained by the end of January. So, how else cold we look at the new year? Here are three suggestions of actions that will help you face 2018 with renewed hope:

Be grateful

Gratitude always lends a feeling of understanding one’s state, and how much better it is than it could have been. Look around, and you will find areas of your life, environment, friendships, mentors, clients and family, for which you could be grateful. How about sending a thoughtful note? Just say “Thank You”. It leaves you with a feeling of hope, and makes someone really happy.

Keep a promise

If you are anything like me, you probably have many targets of that you wish to accomplish, and millions of deadlines to cover for each! You would have an organiser that sends you reminders, and a planner that lets you know how far you have progressed towards each subset of subset of each goal! It sounds great, but by mid year, you find yourself mired in chains of activities, and no breaks. How about taking up one real promise to yourself, and walk with it into the new year?

Listen and learn

There’s nothing more dangerous than thinking that you know all the answers. Even when you are an expert, actually, especially when you “believe” that you are an expert! This holiday season gives you the rare opportunity to share with people, many of them strangers. Be curious, open your mind, ask questions, and listen. You will be amazed at how much you can pick up and use to blend into your skills and improve your life.

Have an awesome weekend and happy 2018!!